Skins New Best Friend

DermaDew is an intense rehydration cream that leaves your skin like silk

During life your skin is subject to many conditions, as a result your skin looses moisture leaving it more wrinkled, rougher and tighter. These conditions can be localised or more general, The solution is a cream that can be used both for specific areas of skin distress and as a daily moisturiser to maintain your skin’s moisture level.


Our simplicity is key for locking in and maintaining the moisture within your skin. DermaDew contains no special ingredients or fancy names that are difficult to pronounce. It has evolved around a few key emollients combined in such a way that keeps the moisture locked in, without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

For all skin types

Dermashack’s DermaDew moisturising body cream is a closely guarded formula. It has been developed in such a way that it provides day to day moisture for all skin types, as well as being extremely effective on dry and fragile skin. Dermashack’s formula allows your skin to absorb our cream efficiently leaving you with a silky smooth satin feeling, without any shine or grease.

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